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Sandy Seeds In Your Community

Children's Box

Children’s imagination soar when their senses come alive in the kitchen. Working in a hands on way with food not only attunes a child’s fine motor skills, it also enhances their knowledge in subjects such as math, literacy, history and geography. Most importantly, working with food stimulates their sensory system imprinting fond memories of childhood whilst guiding their independence. Children develop a form of autonomy from cooking that set the foundation for a lifelong relationship with food. By preparing a nutritious meal together with your children, you foster a form of education that can only be cultivated in the home. Sandy Seeds understand this and want to support families by offering you the resources to start a dialogue that will continue for generations to come.


Sandy Seeds believes that a child’s education starts in the home. Our goal is to create health awareness by offering your organization an educational forum to address issues in the wider community. Our expert panel is available to coordinate school improvements and boost children’s well-being in the following areas:

  • Nutrition Workshops
  • Supporting your Editable School Gardening
  • Introduction to Mindfulness – how to be mindful in the home
  • Wellness in the Workplace
  • Educate don’t Eradicate (SEN)
  • After School Clubs
  • Healthy Days
  • Knowing about the food system

Please see our PTA internal calendar to schedule a workshop in your school.

Parental Resources

Here at Sandy Seeds we believe a healthy lifestyle is a primary concern for all parents with children. With stress and diet related diseases on the rise each year, a collective responsibility needs to be assumed. In order to combat these issues, we need to create a ripple effect of awareness and allow it to filter out into the greater community. By encouraging healthy and active lifestyles in our homes, our young people will be armed with the tools that will prepare them for an extremely full, happy and healthy life. We want to help you with these tools, therefore this section is dedicated to YOU as a parent and we aim to provide you with the information you may need in raising healthy well balanced ‘Community Agents of Change.’

Dubai Saturday Club

The Dubai Saturday Club is a fun, informal and educational programme that will bring teenagers from across Dubai’s schools together with social entrepreneurs to make the world better and happier. Students will get to hone their creativity, collaboration and communication – the ‘survival’ skills they will need for a happy and productive life. Taking inspiration from the UK’s National Art & Design Saturday Club,  The KHDA is proud to host a Dubai version in partnership with Sandy Seeds Health Awareness  Dubai Saturday Clubs