Sandy Seeds In Your Community

Give A Ghaf

The Give a Ghaf tree Planting Program raises awareness about the Ghaf and its values, while encouraging people to plant indigenous trees, through hands-on planting activities that will impact both the country and the participants in their daily life, learning about:

  • Nature and urban development
  • Water scarcity & conservation
  • Tree planting and sustainable desert landscaping
  • How to fight climate change and desertification

The Drop It Youth Campaign

The Drop It Youth Campaign

Lead the Change

Become a drop it youth ambassador, on your own or as a group, to inspire sustainable living practices in your community! Encourage your family,

friends, school and classmates to reduce plastic waste and their carbon footprint.



Sandy Seeds believes that a child’s education starts in the home. Our goal is to create health awareness by offering your association an educational forum to address issues in the wider community. Our expert panel is available to coordinate parent inspired initiatives and boost children’s well-being in the following areas:

  • Nutrition Workshops
  • Preparing a Healthy Lunchbox
  • Supporting your schools Edible Garden
  • Introduction to Mindfulness – how to be mindful in the home
  • Educate don’t Eradicate (SEN)
  • After School Clubs
  • Healthy Days
  • Our Food System and Sustainable Food Choices

Please see our PTA internal calendar to schedule a workshop in your school.


Dubai Saturday Club

The Dubai Saturday Club is a fun, informal and educational programme that will bring teenagers from across Dubai’s schools together with social entrepreneurs to make the world better and happier. Students will get to hone their creativity, collaboration and communication – the ‘survival’ skills they will need for a happy and productive life. Taking inspiration from the UK’s National Art & Design Saturday Club, The KHDA is proud to host a Dubai version in partnership with Sandy Seeds Health Awareness  Dubai Saturday Clubs