We are a health awareness organization in the field of holistic education

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Who Are We?

Sandy Seeds is about a way of living and re-educating the local community of children, educators, and parents, through education systems and holistic professional development training; including teacher training, food science and food technology, mindfulness programs, sustainability practices, and community outreach activities.


What We Do?

Sandy Seeds offers its educational services in the form of our Mindful Ecological Education System, this is accessible online through the Sandy Seeds Learning Portal, which can be adopted by schools, nurseries, community groups and parents in the UAE. Sandy Seeds also has a very strong community outreach initiative which offers after school clubs, involvement in local campaigns, bespoke workshops and trainings and government led initiatives.

Sowing Seeds of Change

Our vision is to engage students of all ages in the ecological system in which they live through a holistic approach to 21st Century instruction.

Holistic Education for Change

Empowering educators and communities to promote wellbeing through our educator training programs is at the heart of what we do.

Health Awareness in your Community

Learning Portal

Sandy Seeds Learning portal focuses on professional development and is led by a team of experts in the field of holistic education.

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Outreach Programmes

Sandy Seeds is active in the local community, working with individuals, corporates and government institutions....

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What We Offer


Sandy Seeds believes in creating a mindful school culture that will cultivate a sustainable and longer-term path that will embed mindfulness in your school... More

Health Awareness

Sandy Seeds Health Awareness LLC is passionate about bringing wellness to your school. Our fully licensed team of qualified health counsellors... More

School Gardens

Sandy Seeds is building a network of Edible School Gardens around the UAE, each one engaging our young agents of change about healthy eating, food education... More

Mindful Movement

Sandy Seeds links mindful awareness with recommended reading books and provides your teachers with storybook yoga lesson plans! We also have a deck... More

Food Education

In 2015 Jamie Oliver launched a global campaign urging all G20 countries to introduce, compulsory, practical food education in all schools... More


Sandy Seeds offers a complete turn key solution for cookery to children in their schools and at home. Inspired by Jamie Oliver who has stated... More

Our Programme

Professional Development Training

Sandy Seeds recognises the importance of arming teachers, community leaders and parents with the tools and expertise required to carry out holistic and developmental education programs and make it a whole-school or whole-community approach.

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Sandy Seeds After School Club

Available for implementation by schools and communities in the UAE, Sandy Seeds After School Club is a fun, informative, educational program, that teaches children about healthy eating, food education and entrepreneurism through the management of a garden project.

Mindful Ecological Education Programme

Created for schools, communities and homes across the UAE, Sandy Seeds Mindful Ecological Education System is a comprehensive, cross-curriculum education program, covering Edible Education, Life Skills, Food Technology, Mindfulness and Entrepreneurship.

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Our Team

Justine Bain

Founder & Head of Outreach

Jennifer Small

Co-Owner and Head of Education

Joanne Carr

Instructional Coach

Cynthia Bou Khalil

Head of Nutrition

Maree Knock

Head of Edible Gardening

Sharon Busa Jose

Operations & Events

Karen Aki Sandoval

Graphic Designer

Douglas Russell

Education Consultant

Gemma Daly

Instructional Coach

Georgie Morton

Head Chef

Community Partners

Dubai Saturday Club
Ranches Primary School
The Book Worm Bookshop
Dubai Garden Centre
Victory Heights Primary School
Jamie Oliver Food Foundation
Filfil and Loomi